The business environment has never been stronger than it is today. Once much calmer waters, your competitors now circle like sharks as they wait to move in on your mistakes. Where the right decisions can improve your position in the food chain for your space, the wrong decisions can leave you as little more than bait. There is no middle ground when it comes to winning your market, and the creative naming strategies you employ could determine whether your business is the predator or just the next snack in a long line of prey.

Everyone knows the best business names and advertising slogans, because they’re the most memorable. They always come to mind, sometimes even when you don’t want them to! Whether you’re thinking of potato chips, credit cards, social media or anything in between, the same “apex predator” names always come up in their respective spaces. Do you want the same powerful, head-turning name and brand recognition as the big fish?
Moving Shark Creative Naming