Client Porfolio

NameSharks has worked with a variety of businesses on successful creative naming and branding projects. Here are some examples of our past work.
Moving Shark

Creatives Slogans, Business and Product Names

  • TaxTiger, Inc. was developed for our IRS collection firm client when they sought a strong theme that would convey negotiating power, efficiency and a memorable mascot.
    Tax Tiger Naming by NameSharks
  • LANsharks was created for a computer networking and consulting company that wanted a memorable, friendly and descriptive name for their company that would translate into a dynamic logo.
  • “AutoSmart America” is an automotive group in Detroit which was seeking a brand name transformation from it’s more local “B.T. Auto Sales” name, to compete more nationally. They needed a descriptive name that would be more universal and convey that they offer quality car and smart credit choices.
    AutoSmart Naming by NameSharks
  • “Ovation” is a product brand name that was chosen for a large Texas oil company’s high tech gasoline dispenser.
  • “The Premier Collection” is a slogan developed for the #1 leisure travel agency in the country’s name for its upscale luxury trips.
  • “Echelon” is the name a men’s and women’s clothing store client chose for their highly contemporary boutique in Massachusetts.
  • “Checknique” is a check printing software technique designed to allow businesses to draft their customer’s checking accounts in regard to collections.
  • “Chug-A-Lug” is a plastics manufacturer’s choice for a unique carrying strap for large home delivered water bottles.
  • “RelationShips” is one of our strongest names in regard to cruise ship advertising for Princess Cruise Lines “love boats.”
  • “Village Gopher” is a personal shopping service concept that caters to busy families by running errands etc.
  • “PROSE” is the name we came up with for a travel writers and publications database system for agencies who market travel (Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Hotels and Resorts, Public Relations agencies with travel accounts, Destinations and Tourist Boards)
  • “Lionel” is the name we suggested as their King of the Jungle mascot for a non-profit tiger sanctuary called Wildlife On Easy Street.
  • “Good Earth Co-op” was chosen by a group of families in Florida when they were seeking a name for their organic grocery-buying club.
  • “Out2B” is a name chosen by a church youth pastor to represent his annual 5-day youth group community service program, designed to get the high school students to think beyond their own personal needs and think of serving others unselfishly.
  • “Matrix” was a name chosen by an advertising agency for their traffic/production scheduling software program.
  • “Versant” is the name chosen by Harcourt Assessment, Inc., is for their spoken language test used in screening customer phone service representatives for language fluency skills.
  • “Full of Grace Publishing” was the name chosen by an author to represent her Christian children’s puppet story books.

Unique Slogans and Taglines

No name is truly complete without a slogan, headline or tagline.  You must impress upon the customer what exactly is meant by your name or your business. You can use slogans and taglines to define your business and the image you wish to project in a clever and memorable manner. NameSharks has provided several slogans and taglines to our clients such as:

  • “Village Gopher” used a simple straightforward slogan: “Let the Village Gopher….Go, for You”.
  • “Cafe On the Way” made use of a clear message. “We Pave the Way for Hassle Free Family Meals On the Run”.
  • “AutoSmart America” of Detroit chose “Smarter Choices for Cars and Credit” to convey that they excel in offering quality car and credit choices.
  • “Crafternoon” chose “Child Care Crafted for Afternoon Fun”.
  • The marriage proposal book did not stop at naming itself “Down On One Knee” but continued with a headline “You Know the Answer is Yes, She Hopes You Won’t Propose Like All the Rest”.
  • Our client with the Checknique product (check draft printing software) chose us to create the slogan, “The Technique for Printing Profits”.
  •, Inc. utilized our tagline, “Your Source for Quality Symbology” for its barcode and identification software.